Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pool Structure

As I proceed further with the project i've run into a couple problems with my design,

1) since excavating in the desert is uncommon i've proposed to have my pool space above ground, creating further problems with circulation, accessibility etc.
2) the average depth for diving is 9m but what i didn't take into consideration was the high heights that the diving towers may also have, creating huge spans for the pool spaces

thus there is still much to be resolved especially for the structure of my building,
i've looked at a couple precedents which may also help everyone else think about the structure of their buildings and the different ways in which it could be dealt with

Hughes Condon Marler Architects

Zaha Hadid - 2012 London Olympics Aquatics Centre

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  1. The good thing about your post is that it highlights issues that many of the students in the studio have yet to fully resolve - structure and use. At this point in your careers, having completed a comprehensive studio year, it is imperative to emphasize your ability to deal with innovative and engaging design while maintaining a degree of feasibility. The design projects shown above adopt two different approaches to structure: one that is overt yet simple whereas the other is subverted and quite complex. Both are executed in a manner all of you should be capable of presenting (especially given the first project of the term's level of detail). The feasibility in this context is not one of finance; rather it is relating to the spans, materiality, and construction of the design. There should be no questions arising from plausibility or production in the final suite of images for your final project.