Saturday, April 2, 2011

P4A Submission

As mentioned before in previous post, I was exploring a passive controlled biomimetic system that would allow for shading and venting without the need for any electrically powered components through out its operation. Seen here on the left, is the fin system at its maximum spread providing shade for the roof.

System as seen from the interior of the building. Here the heat sensitive pistons can be seen.

System in its opened (top) and closed(bottom) positions.

Heat Activated Piston Control that works on the principle of air expansion under heat. Being located close to the roof where the temperature in the space would be at its highest, these pistons push the fin assembly upward and allows for the provision of shade as well as opening vents to allow for excess hot air to escape.

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  1. Though the envelope itself has a great deal of thought and articulation, it is important to begin outlining the structural grid/orientation that you plan on using to hold this interesting and dense lattice work up. The structure is filled with a great degree of potential for development and refinement as complementary to the "membrane" you have developed here.