Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fuerza Bruta

This is just a video clip of Fuerza Bruta - a show that gained a great deal of hype back on Broadway a few years ago. Before you begin thinking that it is a response to what could be a new Cirque show, this comes as a response to Ashley's earlier post on her design.  In this video clip you will see a small pool of water (with a transparent bottom) suspended over an audience (why make it safe and easy?).  Though not nearly as deep as the pool requirements for the studio project, it does highlight alternative strategies - most notably a series of trusses that effectively offer a structural "cage" (as Ashley was describing).  The trusswork could hold up the water however the trick becomes how such an assembly would be supported by the column(s)...


  1. I knew I recognized Ashley's image from somewhere... America's Next Top Model (the show) did a Feurza Bruta photoshoot a few seasons ago.

  2. Keep in mind however that the Feurza Bruta "pool" is not only not a pool but its a very thin sheet of water on top of a bowl shaped ETFE like material.
    The structure supporting it would have to be quite larger in every dimension to support any true weight of water...